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Alex Niño
Artist, Conan, Heavy Metal, God the Dyslexic Dog

Alex Niño is one of the Special Guests at Comic-Con 2011.

Born in Tarlac, Philippines, Alex is widely recognized as one of the world's greatest Filipino illustrators. In his early years as an artist and influenced by the works of comics masters Nestor Redondo, Francisco Coching, and Alfredo Alcala. A With the assistance of Tony Velasquez, Alex wrote his first graphic novel, Gruaga: The Fifth Corner of the World. Alex illustrated countless stories for Filipino comics publishers and when introduced by fellow artist Tony DeZuniga to the U.S. market and DC Comics, his works were quickly recognized. Alex specialized in mystery and supernatural titles at DC, where he was co-creator of Captain Fear. He went on to do art for Marvel (science fiction titles, Man-God, Conan, Hulk), Gold Key (Korak), Warren (Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella), and Heavy Metal. He moved to the U.S. in 1974 and worked for a while at Continuity Studios and Byron Press Visual Publications (Weird Heroes).

He later moved to Hollywood, where he worked in animation for Marvel Productions, Fox TV, Hannah-Barbera, SD Entertainment, and Walt Disney Features on such films as Mulan, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, and Emperor's New Groove. His latest comics projects have been God the Dyslexic Dog (published by Bliss on Tap), Dead Ahead (Image), and The Art of Alex Niño (Auad Publishing).

His current projects include The World Without Us (Bliss on Tap) and his own graphic novels D'OS and The Co-Maker.