Comic-Con Wiki

Autograph Area is the place to go for a special memento (aka autographs) from a variety of artists, authors, and actors from every era of popular culture. Some are signing right after their spotlight panel, so make sure to check the program grid daily for updates!

Comic-Con Rules[]

Because of high demand and the limited time available from notables appearing to sign autographs, the Autograph Area coordinator may at any time shut down a line, even if people are still waiting for an autograph. If shutting down becomes necessary, we apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment.

Changes and surprise additions will occur throughout the show, so be sure to check the daily newsletter and the information boards located throughout the center. Schedules will be posted at the Autograph Area Information Desk.

Attendees, please note that Autograph Area Participants may charge for their autograph in the Autograph Area as long as the Participants work with the Autograph Area Coordinator to ensure that all rules are followed and all of the required paperwork is prepared in advance.

Autograph Area Participants must sign one copy of the Souvenir Program Book for any fan at no charge. If the fan and the Autograph Area Participant come to an agreement, an item may be substituted for the Souvenir Program Book that the Autograph Area Participant agrees to sign for free.

Autograph Area Participants may not require a purchase to sign the Souvenir Program Book. They are not expected to sign anything they deem offensive or that violates any contractual agreements they may have.