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Panel Attendees
Moderator: Geoff Boucher - Los Angeles Times and Hero Complex
Star: Sylvester Stallone
Star: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Star: Terry Crews
Star: Randy Couture
Star: Dolph Lundgren

The Panel started with Geoff Boucher introducing a never before seen trailer of Expendables 2. Then Geoff introduced Sylvestor Stallone as the panel crowd gave him a standing ovation. Stallone greeted the crowd with his patented Rocky " Yo" and the panel crowd went wild! Geoff asked to have a retrospective montage of Stallone's career played. After the montage Stallone took over introductions and called out Terry Crews, Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren. Stallone then asked for a retrospective montage to be played to introduce the next star revealing Arnold Schwarzenegger. Stallone then introduced Arnold to a standing ovation as Arnold addressed the crowd with his patented Terminator "I'm Back"!

Glimpses from the Panel:

  • Stallone was asked how the montage made him feel to which he responds "Ouch, Ouch, Ouch."
  • Asked what the tone of the movie is Stallone explained that he needed to keep the "M word" which is momentum.
  • Stallone revealed that the sequel surpasses the first one!
  • Arnold stated that he liked to compete with Stallone and joked Stallone killed 288 in his movies while he killed 289 as the crowd bursted into laughter.
  • Terry Crews and Arnold worked together on The 6th Day which was Terry's first film.
  • Arnold praised Terry's Muscles saying he had 6% fat but Terry corrected Arnold saying it is 4.5%. Terry states that he can die now as Arnold loves his muscles.
  • Stallone remembered seeing Arnold for the first time at the Golden Globes as Arnold won best newcomer and Stallone won best picture for Rocky.
  • Dolph irevealed he really hurt Stallone while filming Rocky as Stallone wanted to simulate real boxing and Dolph KO'd him sending him to the hospital.

Best Joke from the Panel:

  • Arnold joked that Stallone was his English teacher and explained that is why everyone can't understand each other.

At the end of the panel Arnold was awarded n Inkpot Award. Also interesting was no mention of Jet Li throughout the panel probably indicating a very limited role in the film.