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Current Studios[]

  • BioWare in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Austin, Texas, founded in February 1995, acquired October 2007 from Elevation Partners.
  • Criterion Games in Guildford, England, founded as Criterion Software in 1993, acquired in August 2004.
  • Bright Light, in Guildford, Surrey, formerly EA UK
  • EA Canada in Burnaby, British Columbia, started in January 1983.
  • EA Casual Entertainment
  • EA China in Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  • EA Deutschland in Cologne, Germany
  • EA Digital Illusions CE in Stockholm, Sweden
  • EA France in Lyon, France
  • EA Freestyle in San Francisco, California, founded as EA Sports Big.
  • EIS (European Integration Studio) in Madrid, Spain
  • EA India, Noida, India
  • EA Brazil, São Paulo, Brazil
  • EA Korea in Seoul, South Korea, started in 1998.
  • EA Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California (includes Medal of Honor team, Danger Close), founded as DreamWorks Interactive LLC in 1995, acquired in 2000.
  • EA Romania in Bucharest, Romania, founded as JAMDAT Mobile Romania in 2005, acquired in 2006.
  • EA Mobile in Hyderabad, India
  • EA Mobile in São Paulo, Brazil
  • EA Montreal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada started in 2004.
  • EA North Carolina in Morrisville, North Carolina
  • EA Phenomic in Ingelheim, Germany, founded as Phenomic Game Development in 1997, acquired August 2006.
  • EA Salt Lake in Salt Lake City, Utah, founded as Headgate Studios, founded in 1992, acquired December 2006.
  • EA Singapore in Singapore
  • EA Sports in Vancouver, Canada and Redwood City, California, publisher of EA's sports franchise games
  • EA Tiburon in Maitland, Florida, founded as Tiburon Entertainment in 1994, acquired in 1998.
  • Easy Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 2008 developing PC games for EA's new Play4Free series.
  • Maxis in Emeryville, California Currently a label only.
  • Mythic Entertainment in Fairfax, Virginia, founded as Interworld Productions in 1995, acquired in June 2006.
  • North American Testing Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, opened in September 2008.
  • Playfish in London, England acquired in 2009.
  • Visceral Games in Redwood City, California, founded as EA Redwood Shores.

Inactive Studios/Companies[]

  • Origin Systems in Austin, Texas founded in 1983, acquired in 1992, closed in 2004.
  • Bullfrog Productions in Surrey, England, founded in 1987, acquired in 1995, merged with EA UK and effectively closed in 2001.
  • Black Box Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, founded in January 1983, acquired June 2002 merged with EA Canada.
  • EA Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland, established in 1996 as part of Origin, closed in 2000
  • EA Seattle in Seattle, Washington, founded in 1982 as Manley & Associates, acquired January 29, 1996, closed in 2002
  • Maxis in Walnut Creek, California, founded in 1987, acquired in June 1997, folded into Redwood Shores in 2004
  • Westwood Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada, founded in 1987, acquired from Virgin Interactive Entertainment in August 1998, merged into EA Los Angeles in 2003.
  • EA Pacific (known for a time as Westwood Pacific) in Irvine, California, formerly part of Virgin Interactive, acquired with Westwood in 1998, closed in 2003
  • Kesmai (known also as GameStorm), founded in 1981, acquired in 1999, closed in 2001.
  • DICE Canada in London, Ontario, started in 1998, acquired DICE fully 2 October 2006; closed DICE Canada studio hours later.
  • EA Japan in Tokyo, Japan, closed due to consolidation; moved under EA Partners model
  • EA UK in Chertsey, United Kingdom, moved to EA UK in Guildford
  • EA Chicago in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, founded in 1990 as NuFX, acquired in 2004, closed November 6, 2007.
  • Pandemic Studios in Los Angeles, California and Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, founded in 1998, acquired October 2007 from Elevation Partners, closed November 17, 2009.

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