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Rebecca Moesta
Author, Buffy and Jedi Knight novels

Rebecca Moesta is one of the Special Guests at Comic-Con 2011.

She wanted to be an author since she was 12, and much of her writing focuses on teens. Her solo work includes novels in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Junior Jedi Knights series, short stories, nonfiction articles, and ghost writing. With husband Kevin J. Anderson she wrote the Crystal Doors trilogy, 14 Young Jedi Knights novels, six movie or game novelizations, lyrics for two Roswell Six rock CDs (ProgRock Records), a Star Trek graphic novel (DC/WildStorm), two Star Wars pop-up books, and original graphic novel Grumpy Old Monsters (IDW). Moesta and Anderson are working with June Scobee Rodgers and the Challenger Centers for Space Science Education on a new adventure series for middle readers, Star Challengers (Catalyst Game Labs), to encourage students to consider careers in science and technology.

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