We spent some time with the Roku gang celebrating the release of Roku 2. A new line of video players, with new and improved features and looks, it's SUPER small.

Roku 2 Has:

  • Casual gaming (we spent some time LOVING Angry Birds)
  • Blue tooth motion sensing remote
  • USB and Ethernet ports not available on cheaper models
  • Ability to play 1080p full high def video
  • Nearly 300 channels like Pandora, Neflicks, Hulu, Amazon Video, and more...

The best news? They were giving away swag bags with plush Angry Birds, and we will be passing those on to some lucky Wikian once we return.

  • Such a great day for a party
  • View from the party (rooftop FTW)
  • Hanging out, drinking, and watching Angry Bird's on the big screen
  • Get the PIGGY
  • One of these lil guys could be yours, check back post Con.